Paula Rego

Portuguese-British, 1935–2022

Rego's prints not only possess the extraordinary imaginative power of her paintings, but reflect the innovative possibilities of the medium through her experimentation with etching, lithography and aquatint, often employing hand-colouring in the process.

'I turn to etching, and lithography, with a sense of exuberance and relief. In printmaking, you can give your imagination full-range and see the results almost immediately. So one image triggers the idea for the next one and so on.'

—Paula Rego

installation photograph of three lithographs by Paula Rego young girl with monkeys

Shakespeare's Room, 2006

'Rego is a deeply subversive artist who constantly takes an overtly familiar and even harmless visual idea and then transmutes it into something wildly imaginative, pregnant with several previously hidden meanings and often genuinely disturbing.'

—T. G. Rosenthal, Paula Rego:The Complete Graphic Work (London: Thames & Hudson, 2012), 26

installation photograph of lithograph by Paula Rego depicting a frontal full body portrait of Jayne Eyre in dark blue dress with deep red flames in background

Come to Me, 2001-02

installation photograph of lithograph with hand-colouring by Paula Rego depicting Jayne Eyre in profile crouching

Untitled [Jane Eyre], 2002