The Hour Is Devoted to Revenge, 1999Louise Bourgeois

The Hour Is Devoted to Revenge, 1999
Letterpress and lithograph in colours, on two sheets of smooth wove Arches
Signed and inscribed A/P
An artist’s proof aside from the edition of 25
From What Is the Shape of This Problem?
Printed by SOLO Impression, New York
Published by Galerie Lelong, Paris and New York
Sheet: 30.5 × 43.2 cm (12 × 17 in)
Overall: 61 × 43.2 cm (24 × 17 in) or 30.5 × 86.4 cm (12 × 34 in)
The Hour Is Devoted to Revenge, 1999
The Hour Is Devoted to Revenge, 1999

The text in this series was taken from Bourgeois's diary entries, spanning some forty years. The images are based on drawings created in the 1990s. Printer Judith Solodkin of SOLO Impression made photo-enlargements of the drawings and transferred them to letterpress plates.

Each diptych in this series constitutes a single composition and must be exhibited in a vertical configuration as illustrated, or alternatively, with the text on top of the image. The diptychs in the series may be exhibited together or separately, and there is no required sequence.

Excerpt from MoMA catalogue entry No. 665