Frank Stella

American, b.1936

Stella first engaged with lithography in the late 1960s making prints that expanded upon formal concerns he explored in his paintings. The 1980s saw a shift in Stella’s working method, where collage was used to a create dynamic, rich juxtaposition of patterning and form. In a highly experimental and innovative use of print media, Stella created intricate, multi-process prints of unprecedented scale and complexity. The final compositions of his later editions serve as compendia of traditional Western printmaking processes, including lithography, screenprinting, etching, aquatint, woodcut, collage, and more.

installation photograph of framed offset lithograph in colours by Frank Stella depicting colourful lines forming square

Sidi Ifni, 1973

Stella's prints are forever entangled with the pictorial ideas and materiality of the paintings, metal reliefs and sculptures. 

The prints are in all of my work.

—Frank Stella