Bearing Light II, 1990Antony Gormley

Bearing Light II, 1990

Woodcut printed with artist’s oil colour and various clays, on Stonehenge wove
Signed, titled, dated and numbered from the edition of 30 verso
Printed by La Paloma, Tujunga
Published by Okeanos Editions, Los Angeles
Sheet: 49.5 × 57.5 cm (19.5 × 22.6 in)

Bearing Light II, 1990
Bearing Light II, 1990

The series of twelve prints ‘Bearing Light’ is a response to the physical act of printing: an image that leaves its own trace of weight on the paper. I wanted to return to its origins: wood, ink and paper. The works are made by dividing singular plates into a number of parts and inking them separately, using very high pressure and a mass of oil paint and drying agent. It is important that you can see the grain of the plywood of the plates very clearly when looking from the side.

‘Bearing Light’ is a meditation on light and dark, mass and space, being and becoming. The prints invoke the darkness of the body. Objects normally rendered as forms revealed by light are transformed into planes of darkness, and volume is translated into silhouette.

Antony Gormley